Useful references#

FEniCS documentation is great, but scattered.

Here, the references we find the most relevant:

  • Langtangen’s 2017 book is a great starting point.

  • Logg’s book presents detailed information about implementation.

  • UFL documentation is very helpful to learn about variational form.

  • FEniCS discourse is the place to go for more advanced issues.

  • Langtangen’s “Numerical solution of PDEs” course contains very nice expositions of the most important concepts. (In fact, everything coming from Langtangen is very insightful and worth reading.)

  • Numerical tours of continuum mechanics using FEniCS, from Jeremy Bleyer, shows how to solve several Solid Mechanics problems in FEniCS. Even though these are not the problems we are concerned with at CERFACS, there’s a huge overlap from which we can profit from.

Application-oriented references (specially CFD-related):

On the HPC side:

On the more implementation-related side: